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Command Agriculture Takes course

Government has called on farmers willing to participate in the Command Agriculture, a special programme on contract maize farming, to register with Agritex officers in their respective provinces.


Thousands honour Zim’s fallen heroes

On the 8th of August thousands of Zimbabweans thronged the National Heroes’ Acre in Harare and provincial shrines in the other nine provinces to commemorate Heroes’ Day in honour of fallen heroes who fought to liberate Zimbabwe from the shackles of colonial rule.It was a 90-year struggle that culminated in independence and majority rule on April 18, 1980.


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Current Activities

The Zimbabwe Agricultural Show runs from 22 to 27 August, 2016 under the theme "Climate Resilience, The New Agricultural Frontier." The Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC), as the lead Government institution that coordinates government programmes, will participate at the Agricultural Show to showcase and share how some select public, private sector, and civil society organizations, and United Nations agencies including the media, are dealing with climate change and resilience issues in Zimbabwe.

The OPC, under its sub theme “Coordinating Climate Resilience for Agricultural Growth,” will demonstrate how the various organizations are transforming their knowledge into information and related behavioural practices towards meeting ZIM Asset targets in Agriculture and the Economy. In addition to highlighting the coordinating role of OPC, the exhibition is premised on a whole of government approach on how ZIM Asset stakeholders collaborate, communicate and change lives.

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